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How Do We Market?

Marketing ____________________________________________________________________________________
Marketing Campaigns for our events keeps us successful and surely sets us apart. One may ask, "How do we continue to provide successful events and drive such a large audience?" EducationFairs.org goes more than the extra mile to get qualified adults and high school students to our events. We have dedicated "Employee Drives™"  for our events at local colleges, universities, and employment centers such as Work Force Development, Work One, and Urban Leagues to name a few. We have strong State Chamber of Commerce and High School District relationships. We also do newspaper, internet, Google, Yahoo, Monster, college newsletters, fliers, street billboards, television commercials, and as mentioned, Employee Drives™. At an Employee Drive™, the staff of EducationFairs.org sets up our own booth at different public attractions and universities throughout the United States, and we inform the local public about exciting Education Fairs in their areas. This lets the public know being introduced to a local or national college isn’t difficult. The results from our Employee Drives™ have been phenomenal!

EducationFairs.org recognizes the importance of building good relationships. In addition to Internet and print advertising, we've developed partnerships with radio groups in many cities across the country. This has increased the number of quality candidates attending our events. We've worked hard to develop local business relationships with news media, chambers of commerce, and business organizations. Through the development of these relationships we will increase the value and effectiveness of our advertising, which will increase the success of our recruiting events.
Our belief in quality people starts from within, where our highly trained National Recruiting Consultants are ready to serve you. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to meet your recruiting goals by providing you with qualified student candidates.
Education is our future!

Here's an example of the marketing we did for a San Antonio, TX College Fair!

We invited several organizations out to expose their programs to the hundreds of diversified guest in attendance. We marketed through the My San Antonio Newspaper, WOAI Channel 4, San Antonio Lightning, Career Link Center, Latin Chambers of Commerce, San Antonio Urban League, San Antonio Labor & Workforce Development, Bexar County YMCA, North East School District, Alamo Heights Independent School District, Edgewood Independent School District, and many other avenues! We plan to have hundreds in attendance.
By the way, the Education Fair went great!


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